Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Best Pictures Books of 2013 (According to Me)

This post never came together, but I still reference it often so, I'm posting it in it's current incomplete state.  The yellow ones are wordless... I think the blue were ones that I thought would work for preschool storytime. See what I mean by just didn't quite come together?  Anyway, everything on here is good.  I'll try to do better next year.  

Nov 2012-Oct 2013
  1. Sophie's Squash
  2. Flora and the Flamingo
  3. The Dark
  4. Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great
  5. Ribbit!
  6. Ball
  7. This Moose Belongs to Me
  8. Bugs in My Hair
  9. Click Clack Boo
  10. Big Snow
  11. I'll Save You Bobo
  12. Mitchell Goes Bowling
  13. Hiding Phil
  14. Battle Bunny
  15. The Hole
  16. The Boy and the Airplane
  17. Carnivores (Aaron Reynolds)
  18. Whimsy's Heavy Things
  19. A Rule is to Break
  20. Romping Monster, Stomping Monster
  21. You Get What you Get
  22. Melvin the Unluckiest Monkey
  23. How to
  24. If You Want to See a Whale
  25. Steam Train, Dream Train
  26. Snippet the Early Riser
  27. Oliver and His Alligator
  28. Herman and Rosie

Books that missed the cutoff, but I didn't do one of these lists last year and I love these books

Dragons Love Tacos
Bear Has a Story to Tell
This is Not My Hat

Amy's Add-ons:
Open Very Carefully
Perfect Square
Open This Book