Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am sick. Not bad sick... more like undefined sick... I have a sort of gentle ache in my chest and an occasional twinge in my throat and I feel like I could sleep for the next 6 weeks. In short, I'm not sick enough to go to a doctor... just sick enough to spend an entire day either napping or sitting at the computer trying to decide if it's too soon to take another nap. As I am currently in between naps and haven't done much blogging (despite the fact that last weekend was pleasantly blogable) I thought that I should attempt to do it.

Last weekend was fantastic (and much too short).

Ryan was off work (which in and of itself is miraculous) and we had tickets to see Dave Mathews and Jason Mraz at Wrigley Field. The only picture we have of this is on Ryan's phone and I have no idea how to get it so, no pictures, sorry.

I have to tell you that while the music was good the setting was HORRIBLE it was quite a bit like watching it on tv while sitting in uncomfortable stadium seats getting pot smoke blown at you. We won't be returning to Wrigley for a concert anytime soon. Especially because we found out two days later that some terrorist had been planning to blow up Wrigleyville at the end of the concert and that had he not made the unfortunate (for him) choice to pick an FBI informant as an accomplice I would either not be around to be making this blog post or I would be doing it from a hospital room possible missing important parts of my body. Oh, and there was a shooting on the "L" after the concert that night as well, though it doesn't seem like it was the line we were on... it definitely wasn't the train we were on anyway.... Basically the whole thing wasn't worth the amount of mortal peril we found out we were in days later...

Saturday I had to work and then we partook of our new favorite hobby... watching Top Gear. For those of you unfamiliar with Top Gear it is a BBC show about sports cars. Ryan likes the cars and I like the brash British humour and interplay between the hosts. This works for us.

Sunday we decided to drive up to Madison to go to the zoo.

It's about an hour's drive there, but the zoo is free. It was a generally good, if a little rainy, time. Here are some pictures of bears

We also saw some bison. Ryan (I'm not even making this up) took this picture BECAUSE of the poop. Totally classy and mature.

We also saw some prairie dogs:

They were totally cute because they heard some geese making alarm noises and they all scurried to their holes and looked all alert...

The second one was a pathetic digger.

Porcupines are adorable. I wanted to pet them. They are in an enclosure that would have allowed me to pet them... this seems like bad planning
This little turtle had a HUGE neck, check it out!
These frogs are poisonous and behind glass. Isn't Ryan awesome at taking zoo pictures?

And we'll end the zoo portion of the post with an artistic photo of a bat.

After that we tried to find a diner to eat at (because we are diner people), but when we couldn't we ended up at The Melting Pot. We are not really swanky dining sorts of people, but it was still fun. Here is a picture of Ryan with some sort of entity:

Oh wait... that's just steam rising off of the pot in the middle of the table... drats, thought we may have actually had something there...

and here is a photo of the two of us taken by the nice manager guy:

Then we took a rainy drive home and listened to CarTalk. It was a wonderful weekend.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Bee in Your Bonnet....

So, we finally went and registered for wedding stuff... we managed to make a very tiny and pathetic list of things we "need". We also managed to experience some hilarity major stress...

While we were debating whether or not we wanted canisters or plastic containers or something to store our flour and sugar in a bee flew in and landed on my head. Not realizing it was a bee I calmly swatted whatever it was away. At which point it flew at Ryan.... and landed on his pants. He started freaking out and I tried to keep him calm.

"I don't want it to fly up my pants and sting me... it happened once when I was in kindergarten...." Ryan said (which is a bad move because apparently bees have very good hearing and our also a bit sadistic... or maybe he just has a flower-scented undercarriage). Whatever the reason, as soon as he said this the bee walk to the hem of his shorts and promptly crawled up them.

At this point I am trying not to laugh (it's not working) and he looks like he can't decide if punching me is worth getting stung in his nethers... In an attempt to be helpful I laid down on the floor to look up and see where the bee is. I can't see it. (by the way, we are still in front of the canisters at Bed, Bath and Beyond). He informs me that the reason I can't see it is because it has crawled all the way up to his groin area... I lose it. I am basically rolling on the floor laughing... and he is trying to walk without jostling it too much so that he can go to the bathroom and remove it.

He made it about two steps before giving up and attempting to gently shake it out of his pants. This worked. He did not get stung... but while I was still laying on the floor and he was still shaking his pants some lady came around the corner... he sort of bolted out of the stress of it... I collected myself and followed him... and I have no idea what she thought of the whole situation, but it couldn't be good.

My life is absolutely not real.