Monday, September 6, 2010

A Bee in Your Bonnet....

So, we finally went and registered for wedding stuff... we managed to make a very tiny and pathetic list of things we "need". We also managed to experience some hilarity major stress...

While we were debating whether or not we wanted canisters or plastic containers or something to store our flour and sugar in a bee flew in and landed on my head. Not realizing it was a bee I calmly swatted whatever it was away. At which point it flew at Ryan.... and landed on his pants. He started freaking out and I tried to keep him calm.

"I don't want it to fly up my pants and sting me... it happened once when I was in kindergarten...." Ryan said (which is a bad move because apparently bees have very good hearing and our also a bit sadistic... or maybe he just has a flower-scented undercarriage). Whatever the reason, as soon as he said this the bee walk to the hem of his shorts and promptly crawled up them.

At this point I am trying not to laugh (it's not working) and he looks like he can't decide if punching me is worth getting stung in his nethers... In an attempt to be helpful I laid down on the floor to look up and see where the bee is. I can't see it. (by the way, we are still in front of the canisters at Bed, Bath and Beyond). He informs me that the reason I can't see it is because it has crawled all the way up to his groin area... I lose it. I am basically rolling on the floor laughing... and he is trying to walk without jostling it too much so that he can go to the bathroom and remove it.

He made it about two steps before giving up and attempting to gently shake it out of his pants. This worked. He did not get stung... but while I was still laying on the floor and he was still shaking his pants some lady came around the corner... he sort of bolted out of the stress of it... I collected myself and followed him... and I have no idea what she thought of the whole situation, but it couldn't be good.

My life is absolutely not real.

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  1. I am laughing so hard right now and picturing the reaction of the intelligent bee who liked the flowery smell of Ryan's undercarriage and laughing even harder. Then this poor women who probably heard some of the conversation of this situation, but only seeing you on the floor and him gently hold his pants away from his crotch area and being upset at the unseen bee. What, she could only think is beyond belief. But, knowing Ryan, I am completely surprised that you don't have a black eye or very sore feet from walking home. Love this, so keep it up and let me know if you got a number on the wedding list. So we can rent the ballroom or the circus room... still laughing at the situation and will be every time I see a bee. I will have to ask the bee of course if he knows the bee that crawled up the flowery smelling guys shorts in a Bed Bath and Beyond store in the Chicago area? Hope I meet him.