Friday, July 27, 2012

Week in Review


Made pinhole cameras at work.  Had to take apart rolls of film.

Which involved wedging scissors into the tiny opening the film comes out of....

And then praying that you don't lose your eyes in the ensuing madness....

So much fun!   I LOVE MY JOB!!!!


I made hopping frogs like this:

 These aren't mine... stole a video as an example.


I didn't do anything exciting.


I got to wipe paint of a child's tongue with a paper towel.

One of my special little ones couldn't wait to get started with a painting project so he dove in with his fingers before I'd given instructions and handed out supplies.  Then when he was afraid he was going to get caught (totally don't do "catching" in library crafts, FYI) he popped his fingers in his mouth to hide the evidence.  I offered him some paper towel to wipe it off (didn't think drinking it down was advisable) and he came to take it from me tongue first... what's a librarian to do?  I wiped the paint of his tongue.  Cross that one off my bucket list.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

... Finally Blogged the Awesomeness That Was This Weekend

This last Friday Ryan and I hosted a party.  My work peeps all came over.  It was a lot of fun.  We finally got to cross making cake in jars off of our bucket list...
Yay!  Cake!  IN A JAR!!!
 Then we realized that that was the only thing ON our collective bucket list... we have accomplished everything...
People with nothing left to live for...
 (accept Heather. She has a wicked awesome new scarf)
But we did have cake... and that was pretty awesome.

Monday, July 16, 2012

... Taught 5 Girls How to Knit

Five girls between the ages of 7 and 12 attended my knitting program tonight (one of them was left-handed) all of them left with some idea of how to knit (I won't say that they are, in fact, knitting, but they get the gist of it).  I am really really tired.  We were in there for over an hour and a half and I had to knit left-handed.  Half an hour then home to sleep. 

Tomorrow?  Finished crocheted things.  Promise!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

...Came Home to My Boys

Ryan's back is out and he can barely walk...

and Remmy is not feeling well from his vaccinations...

It's still good to be home.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

... Was the Son My Dad Never Had.

I made the 3 hour trek home today.  It's one of those things I do every so often to recharge.  I love my job and I'm happy with where we live for the most part (it's the Hicksville of the suburbs), but sometimes some wide open space is in order.

Look!  Beans!

When I get home my dad always asks about the state of my car, so I told him that it needed an oil change in the hopes that he would volunteer to come hang out with me at the Walmart while I got it done.  I hate doing it at home because I never have anyone to go with me and I don't know any one at the Walmart here to chat up... 

We did run to Walmart.

And within 3 hours of me arriving we had the car up and were ready to change the oil ourselves.  Because we are self-sufficient like that. 

There are a lot of things about doing your own car work that make me nervous.  The getting it up on the ramps for one is terrifying.  You have to sort of gun it and then stop... You know what else is terrifying about home car repair?  "Hey, can you run into the garage and get me a rubber mallet?"  That's pretty terrifying.  They aren't really precision tools, are they?

It worked out though... and then just for kicks we changed the oil in 2 other cars:

Afterwards we stood in the driveway and drank a beer.  

It was satisfying.

Friday, July 13, 2012

... explored Twitter

Twitter it turns out is a terrible place if you want to see what people you actually know are up to, at least for me.   None of my real life friends use it routinely and only a handful of my internet friends do.  What I did find was that a lot of the internet people that I follow on various platforms also tweet.  And a lot of behind the scenes type things end up on Twitter.

My top 3 things I found on Twitter today:

This webcomic: I haven't gotten too far, but what I've read is amusing.  The art is fantastic.

This Picture: From they guys who make all the youtube videos that I waste my life watching...

NPH: Performs a tweeted play about the dangers of Friday the 13th.

Tomorrow: I do stuff.  I.R.L. For reals!