Friday, July 27, 2012

Week in Review


Made pinhole cameras at work.  Had to take apart rolls of film.

Which involved wedging scissors into the tiny opening the film comes out of....

And then praying that you don't lose your eyes in the ensuing madness....

So much fun!   I LOVE MY JOB!!!!


I made hopping frogs like this:

 These aren't mine... stole a video as an example.


I didn't do anything exciting.


I got to wipe paint of a child's tongue with a paper towel.

One of my special little ones couldn't wait to get started with a painting project so he dove in with his fingers before I'd given instructions and handed out supplies.  Then when he was afraid he was going to get caught (totally don't do "catching" in library crafts, FYI) he popped his fingers in his mouth to hide the evidence.  I offered him some paper towel to wipe it off (didn't think drinking it down was advisable) and he came to take it from me tongue first... what's a librarian to do?  I wiped the paint of his tongue.  Cross that one off my bucket list.

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