Saturday, July 14, 2012

... Was the Son My Dad Never Had.

I made the 3 hour trek home today.  It's one of those things I do every so often to recharge.  I love my job and I'm happy with where we live for the most part (it's the Hicksville of the suburbs), but sometimes some wide open space is in order.

Look!  Beans!

When I get home my dad always asks about the state of my car, so I told him that it needed an oil change in the hopes that he would volunteer to come hang out with me at the Walmart while I got it done.  I hate doing it at home because I never have anyone to go with me and I don't know any one at the Walmart here to chat up... 

We did run to Walmart.

And within 3 hours of me arriving we had the car up and were ready to change the oil ourselves.  Because we are self-sufficient like that. 

There are a lot of things about doing your own car work that make me nervous.  The getting it up on the ramps for one is terrifying.  You have to sort of gun it and then stop... You know what else is terrifying about home car repair?  "Hey, can you run into the garage and get me a rubber mallet?"  That's pretty terrifying.  They aren't really precision tools, are they?

It worked out though... and then just for kicks we changed the oil in 2 other cars:

Afterwards we stood in the driveway and drank a beer.  

It was satisfying.

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