Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's like national blogging month or something....

Dear Ryan,
November is (or so all the many (108) blogs I follow have been telling me) national blog month.... or some such nonsense.... which means that in order to be a good blogger I need to be blogging EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. THIS. MONTH.

I'll pause while you absorb that....

I'm already three days behind... and today's is a cheat. Today's post is just a public announcement of my failure as a blogger.... I have a sad face.... ----> :-(

So, maybe, just maybe I'll find a way to be a good blogger, but I wouldn't hold your breath....

In other news.... I have two jobs that I am "actually" quailified for* that I need to apply to.... in the next week.... and my being qualified is stressing me out.... so is the idea of living within an hour and a half of you.... its close, but still too far away to be comfortable..... I don't know... I don't have a good plan yet.... Genoa would just be a pain for everyone.... Anyway, I love you!

I hope you're feeling better,


*the job requires 3 years library experience and an associate's degree. I have 1 year library experience, a bachelor's degree and a certificate that says I know a thing or two about how libraries work.... so, that consitutes "actually" qualified in my book.

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