Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Fell in Love with the Boy at the Car Show...

ummm... or not...

Dear Ryan,
Do you remember that time that we were at the car dealership and I mentioned that it would be fun to go to the Chicago Automobile Show and you said that you had always wanted to go and we wondered aloud how much it would cost to go to the car show and then all of the sudden some sales guy was thrusting free tickets into our hands and we were like... well cool... and then we had to decide if you were actually going to go... and then we went because, seriously, why not?

Good... I'm glad you remember because it was just yesterday and if you didn't remember that then it might be time for you to see a doctor or something...

So, the car show was pretty awesome. We saw a lot of concept cars, which, I have to admit, all pretty much looked the same and had the same features (40 miles on electric alone, hybrid, and this weird thing going on with the back window, sort of a cross between a hatchback and a sedan with a bar through the back window where the sedan part meats the hatchback part... I know, they aren't actually meant to be on the road). I didn't take any pictures of the concept cars. Jeep probably had the coolest set up and it failed the most epically while we were watching. You got into a Jeep (driven by a professional) and rode around a track that demonstrated some of the Jeeps' sweet features. It had such nifty things as a bunch of logs that were driven over, a mock up of a pile of dirt that was about 5 feet high and the Jeep would go over it with one tire on the pile and one on the ground... but the coolest thing (with the biggest fail potential) was a mock up of a hill that was probably 2-3 stories high and went up at a 70 degree angle. While we were standing watching a Jeep lost traction (which was what was being shown off) on the hill and slid back down. It was frightening. No one was hurt, but it was sort of a poor showing... apparently the driver had slowed down in the middle or something. I didn't get a picture of that either.

But, I did get a picture of you in a Jeep.

This Jeep had a soft top with a moon roof... I don't quite get it, but it was fun.

I another fun car was from Suzuki

This particular car included seats that looked like the deck chairs at he public pool and came with two custom surf boards that matched the paint job.... not useful in central Illinois, but pretty fun, anyway.

Sorry, darling, you can drool all you want, but you can't have the Lamborghini.

And I fell even deeper in love with the Dodge Viper

Check out the custom paint on this one. Yes, the racing stripe is a snake print... and yes, I do think it's pretty cool.

We sat in, petted and critiqued a lot of other cars. Below are the pictures of some of them... unfortunately I'm enough of a car person to enjoy the car show, but not enough of a car person to know the names of the different cars later from vague pictures. They are included for your enjoyment. Please, feel free to remind me what sorts of cars they are if you want.

Yep, those are break... they appear to be very big... neat...

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