Wednesday, December 26, 2012

... Share the Crafts I've Completed at Work

It's been slow at work the last few days.  The holidays are just like that at my library.  So, to keep myself from going completely nuts I've been working on my crafts for the next few months.  I love that I get to do so much painting at the desk.  So, enjoy the projects... please don't mind the white and blue theme.  It's that time of the year.

Close-up Snowman
This one is for my older kids.  They'll draw and paint this snowman without a single circle.  Yay! New perspective!  I found a lot of crafts that involved looking at snowmen from a different angle.

Snowman from Above
This one doesn't have a link.  It's circles and supposed to be a simple paper craft for my preschoolers.  I found a picture of a card on Pinterest and made my own pattern. Could be a fail as a craft.  I had kids stop at the desk while I was working on it and they couldn't understand how the pile of circles was a snowman... I suppose if the kids make a traditional snowman picture with them it will be just as well.  That being said, I have a handful of kids (particularly my special little ones) who LOVE stacking circles.  So, maybe this will work alright for them.

Again, no link.  Just draw a vaguely monsterly shape.  Then use Q-tips (I bundled about 6 of them together with a rubberband to make it go faster) to paint it white.  Add some snow and if you really feel like being fancy use a sharpie to trace the details.  Done.  I sort of love this one.

And now an unexpected perk of my job.

Kids make me stuff.  Stuff that they are REALLY proud of.  I love that they are proud of their skills and also that they want to share their talents with me.

First up:
T told me he was really good at origami.  He is.  After he made Christmas trees (he was the first to complete the challenge one with the 1 inch square of paper) he made me these.  They'll live on my desk til some kid walks off with them.  That's the way of the art in my life.


S is good at art.  She tells me every time I see her.  Today she proved it.  Notice the different ways she can draw eyes... and the interpretive way she makes snowman arms.  Those were an artistic choice.  She told me so.  Also, she tells me she's a good drawer, but she's better at painting... I can't wait!

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