Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Infinite Playlist of Revolting Youth

Or: how I learned to stop hating and love Michael Cera.

My general dislike of a certain actor has turned into a weird obsession that could only be described as “quirky”. Part of the problem may be that the majority of the movies and shows I have more or less been forced (you have to watch this one scene. It’s right at the beginning. Just this one scene and will turn it off… an hour and a half later… after the closing credits run) to watch in the last year have starred (or at least included Michael Cera). And, while I will admit that I did (do) get at least a little chuckle to a full out laugh out loud out of most of them, they have still been two hours (or more in the case of Arrested Development) that I am not getting back. So, the mandatoriness (I made this word up) of his infiltration of my life might be part of the problem I have with him. The problem might also stem from the fact that most (3/5 of the ones I can name) of his movies adaptations of books.

I struggle with adaptations of books. Seeing the movie first totally taints the books (and vice versa). So, I am challenging myself to read the books that the movies are based on and in all cases (accept Nick and Norah) before seeing the movie. First up is Youth in Revolt. The book is hilarious. I am only on page 24 and I have had numerous moments of laughing out loud. It’s a bit vulgar, I’ll admit, but it’s a 14-year-old boy’s diary in which he doesn’t hold back about anything (including what’s going on in his pants). Having never been a 14-year old boy I have no idea if these are common experiences or not, but either way they are amusing and C.D. Payne has managed to establish a likable, believable if not a bit odd character early on.

I am, in fact, looking forward to seeing the movie. I did a shameful thing and put it on hold at the library I work at. But, truthfully, I think just about anyone could star in this movie and it would still be hilarious. I am beginning to suspect that perhaps Michael Cera isn’t all that funny, but has managed to get on board for some ridiculously great books-turned-movies… I will let you know if my suspicions are continued with the next few books.

Which brings us to the next few books:

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is already on my Kindle. The movie was fantastic and the book is written in an intriguing style. Two authors take on the roles of the two title characters and the story unfolds as they share their sides of the story in alternating chapters. I am actually pretty excited about reading this one.

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life has got me a bit worried. First off, it’s a graphic novel series which isn’t really my thing. Secondly, there are six books out with a seventh to come. ß Go back and reread that. The movie (which covers the entire series is in theaters tomorrow {or today if I’m particularly bad about getting this posted}) was completed before the series… What implications is this going to have on the book series? Is that last book going to be done entirely in shots from the movie? This would COMPLETELY rival one of my biggest book-to-movie pet peeves: The full color movie picture insert in the middle of an otherwise perfectly good novel. I am dreading this one solely because of this. If I like the series, will book seven be a disaster?

So, there it is, my quirky little book club which is not entitled “Books Michael Cera has completely ruined” because maybe they weren’t ruined.... completely.

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