Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nerd Wars T4

So, Nerd Wars started on February first. These are my battle plans as presented in the team forums:

Battle Plans:
Intellectual: Husband has a memory tool for figured bass… I’d like to translate it into a stripe pattern of some sort using knit and purl to represent triads and 7ths… I think this will end up being a hat in the round to allow for the knits and purls to be easier to read… and prevent me losing my mind… Tie-in’s anyone?
Scientific:Single skein hat… going to be dusty blue probably pretty plain. Again, I don’t have a tie-in.
Technical:Does chunky yarn count as a specialty? I have been on a bit of a jag lately… I’ve knit almost nothing but chunky yarn… if not I might to cables… no pattern idea yet.
Geek Pride: IloMilo socks, they won’t be a matching pair, but rather have corresponding colors heel/toe on one will be main color on other… I think these will be quite fun to make, but might only accomplish one in a month.
Nerd Culture: I am at a complete loss on this one…
Giving Geeks: Give away the hat I knit for Scientific…

and done.

What I ACTUALLY have on the needles:

1 light blue hat

1 Shawlette/scarf

The hat fits. The "sharf" doesn't. It is also the most addicting thing I've ever knit. Partially, I think, because I have no idea if I actually have enough yarn to come anywhere close to finishing it. I will try to post pics tomorrow. It is night time and artificial light is terrible.

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