Friday, August 24, 2012

... Made Some Stuff...

I made refrigerator pickles.

With cucumbers grown in some persons real garden...

... somewhere in Indiana

This jar will be gone in a day or less.

Ryan came home from visiting his grandfather in Indiana with little cucumbers grown by one of his neighbors and destine for picklehood.  This is my second batch of pickles.  I "used" this recipe (scroll down to almost the bottom of the page).  I will admit that I don't really use recipes so much... they're just sort of a guideline.  The first time I made spicier pickles (which I really enjoyed).  This time they ended up more like the dill pickles you'd get at the grocery.  Ryan likes these better.  They don't have quite the kick.  I like kick.

I made two jars.  The second jar is destined for my mother-in-law.  I promised her some of the next batch I made... probably why she sent her son home with pickles... I am so on to her!

Also, today at work I made hardware jewelry as a demo for a craft I'm doing on Monday...

Stylish, eh?
Sorry for the picture of my gnarly arm.  Turns out owning and angry cat for like ten years has a serious effect on your skin.  Also, that's my sun damaged driving arm...

So, there it is.  I did some stuff.

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