Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Knitting (pt. 2)

So, these are the things I made for Ryan's family. We gave them their gifts last night since I work late tonight and then we are leaving early on Christmas Eve.

Jourdan got a cable cowl... It was supposed to be dyed light blue from an exhausted indigo dye-bath... Indigo did not happen, but maybe we'll try it next spring.

The buttons were the really special bit. They are custom work from beadfreaky on Etsy. The symbols are for her sorority.

Ryan's mom also got a cowl.  This is one of those convertible jobs that you can wear anyway you want.  However, I have to say that the below configuration is probably my favorite.

Ryan's dad got some mittens with holes to stick your finger out of if you need to accomplish things that require your fingers.  This picture looked better in my phone.

And, of course, Remmy had to be involved in every...



More Christmas knitting to come... Include some dog induced drama that brought me to tears... But ended up not being the complete end if the world.

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